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allergy moms: there’s an interactive app out there for children at risk for #anaphylaxis check it out and help your kiddos keep themselves safe! #allergymom #foodallergies

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Anon is reopen for a bit so do it

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heaven in a pepper. it was allergy free, until I added cheese 😂



please no halloween posts just yet. there’s still 2 months left

did someone say halloween

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I made stuffed peppers for dinner, and Prescott is devouring it! #allergyfree #foodallergies #toddlerhood

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De gets pregnant ��

I doubt it, I HIGHLY doubt it.

But I’m going to pick up a pregnancy test later for shits, giggles, and disappointments. WOO.

lovelyladyandherbaby replied to your post “I’m leaking milk. Like I woke up in a puddle of it this morning. And…”

That’s so strange. Isn’t P weaned? Is lactating a sign of pregnancy?

He stopped nursing a year ago, and I pumped for a few months afterwards but I completely dried up. I couldn’t get a single drop out of me.

It’s definitely milk. Ugh. This is creeping me out though :(

I’m leaking milk.

Like I woke up in a puddle of it this morning. And I got out of the shower and it was leaking all down my stomach. And I have felt it in my bra all day.

What the fuck is going on? I officially think it’s time for a doctors appointment.

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I know he won’t want to be held forever, so I’ll take all the cuddles while I can ❤️

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