I’ve never felt more like a failure and a disappointment more than I have these past two weeks.

itsanamergencykael911 said: I love seeing your anti RIC posts on my dash from someone else and then looking at the notes where people try to argue with you and the amount of knowledge you drop on them is amazing.

Aw thank you!

I wish I had more time to spend researching!

Anonymous said: (Evenflo anon) Yeah, it's for a newborn. Is that bad?

No! Just make sure the restraints got properly. The biggest problem I’ve found with using convertibles with newborns are the straps not being below shoulder level but as long as it’s installed and fits properly there should be no problems!

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Prescott fell asleep. On the living room floor. :O #thishasneverhappenedbefore

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Neville woke up this morning and asked for “fooot and tea, peas.”

Aka fruit and tea, please.

Makes me feel like I’m doing this parenting thing sort of right.

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Sticky fingers, messy hair. 
Scattered crayons, fancy ‘art’ on the walls. 
Tell me how and tell me loud, that this toy is yours and you want it now!
Fix my truck, get me food! If you have it, I want it. 
Dirty faces, finger smudged glass, learning words like “pretty please!”
Infinite hugs, slobbery kisses, and never-ending “I love you’s.”
Tug my my shirt, and drag your blanket. Say “night night,” and fall asleep.

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#helooksnothinglikeme #ugh

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Thursdays are leftover days 😂


Now we just need a power supply for the computer and we are good to go! :)

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Neville LOVED the chili!

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Homemade chili and beer bread!!